Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán in "The Last Unknowns"

Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán participates in “The Last Unknowns: Deep, elegant, profound unanswered questions about the Universe, the Mind, the Future of Civilization, and the Meaning of Life”. "Intellectual skyrockets of stunning brilliance." —Denis Dutton, Founding Editor, Arts & Letters Daily "This is a little book of profound questions—unknowns that address the secrets of our world, our civilization, the meaning of life. Here are the deepest riddles that have fascinated, obsessed, and haunted the greatest thinkers of our time, including Nobel laureates, cosmologists, philosophers, economists, prize-winning novelists, religious scholars, and more than 250 leading scientists, artists, and theo

Transparency Korea and Vortex Foundation Working Together

During the last decade, South Korea has been scenario of corruption that involve high profile officials and some of the biggest companies, not only in the country but worldwide. Currently, these scenarios are even more challenging, considering the impressive economic growth of South Korea, and its geo-political complexities related to North Korea. Bearing this in mind, last June 5th, 2019, Transparency Korea (Korean Chapter of Transparency International) and Vortex Foundation signed a Memorandum of Understanding to "Promote the debate and understanding of the structure and threats imposed by corruption networks in Korea and, when necessary, other Asian countries". Through specific actions an

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