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Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán at the forum: "Corruption in Colombia: the worst form of violence"

Semana magazine, along with Caracol TV channel and Transparencia por Colombia, organized the forum "Corruption in Colombia, the worst form of violence", as a response to the alarming figures and recent corruption scandals that Colombia has faced. The first day of the forum was focused on the functioning of the institutional system that should guarantee transparency, avoid and combat corruption. The second day the forum was on how to prevent corruption in politics and the role of the media and society in combating this problem. Our CEO Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán participated with the conference "Corruption: from the brain to macro-criminal networks". During this conference, Eduardo presented some conclusions of the research work that Vortex has done in recent years.

About the topic proposed at the forum, our CEO said, that the number of myths and closed-minded approaches to corruption in all sectors of society, from the scientists investigating this problem, to policy makers and judicial operators is worrying. We have to understand that corruption is not an administrative issue, it is not only a matter of bribes or money, but is a problem that has very serious social effects and in some countries becomes a crime against humanity. That is why the Vortex foundation's commitment is to make institutions and the public in general think of crime and corruption as an issue of transnational networks, that is indispensable. When we realize this concept, States will begin to carry out reforms in justice that will allow us to face this problem globally.


To read more about the forum and about corruption in Colombia, click here.


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