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We reject the expulsion of Iván Velázquez, Commissioner of CICIG.

The fight against impunity and corruption must continue

We reject the expulsion of Iván Velázquez, Commissioner of CICIG

We express our deepest concern on the statements of the President of the Republic of Guatemala, on Sunday, August 27th, 2017, expelling the current CICIG Commissioner, Iván Velázquez Gómez.

It is worrying to note that, in response to the request for a preliminary ruling on the investigations initiated against the President, the Executive Director took direct retaliations against entities that have combated corruption and impunity. The action of the President shows personalism and urgency of impunity in Guatemala.

Obstructing CICIG actions threatens the possibility of eradicating impunity and corruption, as CICIG, together with the Public Ministry, has been critical to confront the corruption of high officials, the cooptation of the state and the macro-criminal networks that operate in the country.

As a few countries, in 2015 Guatemala began a fragile and strenuous process of political transformation, determined to confront corruption and impunity. This transformation requires supporting and protecting those who, at CICIG, the MP and the courts, act decisively. This support is the only path to eradicate the corrupt practices that for decades have condemned Guatemalans to live in poverty, violence and insecurity.

We support Commissioner Iván Velázquez Gómez, members of CICIG, and prosecutors and judges who perform their duties with the highest standards of probity and integrity amid the difficult institutional, social and political conditions of the country. Instead of interfering with their work protecting the Rule of Law, justice and institutions, they should be supported.

Guatemala City, August 27, 2017

Transparency International

Myrna Mack Foundation

Acción Ciudadana

Vortex Foundation

Global Observatory of Transnational Criminal Networks

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