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These are forms of macro-aggregation that cannot be understood solely by analyzing individual phenomena. This area focuses on understanding processes origin, regulation and consolidation of formal and informal institutions and collective behavioral patterns, from traditions and customs to States.

_society and global crime

Criminal behavior has a negative effect on everyday life, in every society. Although each society faces specific types of crime, certain types of global crime affect most contemporary societies. To face and address these forms of crime, we need to understand their structures worldwide..


We live in an age of innovation, one that relies on creativity as a fundamental cornerstone for advancement and progress. It is critical to understand the nature of creativity – from both a neurological and social perspective- as well as encourage it in practice, to face several problems. This area seeks to not only investigate and define creativity as a construct, but also design and implement creative methods for reaching the goals and projects executed by Vortex Foundation. This objective includes science communication in all of its forms: visual, written and applied/outreach.

_brains and minds

Neuroscience and psychology is at the foundation of both individual and social phenomena. It is therefore critical to understand the nature of brains and minds, especially how they create epistemological realities, to design relevant public policy in a social reality that is fluid and changing in response to humanity.

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