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Andrea Kuszewski collaborates in the video “Let’s talk about evolution”, with more than 13.000 hits

This video was produced to allow scientists to explain, in their own words, the importance of evolution to science -- and the related importance of teaching evolution in schools. Our goal is to convey the fact that evolution is an amazing, uplifting discovery that has served as the genesis of countless advances in many fields of science. We also wanted to highlight female role models in the science community. For information on what you can do to support evolution in education, please visit these sites. These organizations are not associated with this video in any way, but we think they do great work: National Center For Science Education: and American Association For The Advancement Of Science: We encourage people to film their own videos and contribute to the conversation. Keep it positive: focus on the importance and wonder of evolution, and not on divisive name-calling. Many thanks to all of the scientists who participated in this video. Their individual video submissions are available in their entirety at [insert YouTube channel URL here, assuming we can load those easily]. This video was produced by: Matt Shipman, David Wescott, Jamie Vernon, Kevin Zelnio and Andrea Kuszewsk


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