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Premiere of "The Traffickers", Fusion and Vortex collaboration

In a unique collaboration between journalism and scientific research, FUSION worked with Vortex Foundation to expose global criminal networks. The result was "The Traffickers", an eight-part documentary series in which Nelufar Hedayat, the host, follows the trafficking of children, women, human organs, fake pharmaceuticals, guns, gold, rhino horns and pangolins, from the consumer back to the source, exposing the hidden gray players.

Eduardo Salcedo-Albaran, CEO at Vortex, was the Criminal Networks Analyst of the series.

We invite you to watch the series, which premieres Sunday, November 13th at 10PM on FUSION or you can get the season pass on iTunes. For more information on the series or to explore the criminal networks through the Criminal Aura Graph visit

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