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Our partner Transparency International and "The Corruption Percepcions Index 2016"

Transparency International, current partner of the Global Observatory of Transnational Criminal Networks, produces "The Corruption Perceptions Index 2016", a leading global indicator of public sector corruption. According to Transparency International, "this year’s results highlight the connection between corruption and inequality, which feed off each other to create a vicious circle between corruption, unequal distribution of power in society, and unequal distribution of wealth." Among the best ranked countries, with less perception of corruption, were Denmark (90 points), New Zealand (90 points), Finland (89 points), and Sweden (88 points). Colombia ranked 90th among 174 countries, with a score of 37 points, the same of the last three years. United States decreased in two points its score, downgrading from 76 points in 2015, to 74 in 2016. Mexico ranked 123, with a score of 30 points; five less than in 2015, while Guatemala ranked 136th, with a score of 28, the same as in 2015.

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