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"Artificial Intelligence at Bay: Societal Quandaries and Applications as Crime Analysis." New Book.

“Can machines think? This timeless question drives Artificial Intelligence at Bay, a unique exploration of artificial intelligence (AI). The book's philosophical foundation distinguishes it. You'll examine questions of mind, body, and consciousness –– is intelligence solely biological, or can it stem from functional systems? This perspective paves the way to consider AI as a potentially distinct intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence at Bay places ethics at the forefront, confronting biases in AI and questions of control within an AI-driven world. This thought-provoking approach is enhanced by a tangible example: machine learning models designed to analyze criminal networks. This showcases the direct impact of AI, where understanding limitations is crucial.

Despite its philosophical roots, Artificial Intelligence at Bay remains accessible. The clear writing invites everyone to enter the AI conversation, imagine possibilities, and address potential pitfalls. The book is a call to action, empowering us with the critical thinking needed to navigate a complex technological future.

Begin your journey with Artificial Intelligence at Bay. Explore philosophy, ethics, and AI's real-world applications. Think critically about the future we want to build with artificial intelligence”.


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