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Scientific Vortex will participate in the Biennial of the Americas.

Biennial of the Americas is a week-long festival during which ideas, art and culture are promoted. It is held every two years in the city of Denver Colorado and is the most important meeting of the main business leaders, NGOs and cultural activities representative of the American continent. The event attracts great leaders from more than 20 countries in the Americas. The Biennial develops in an environment of compilation of ideas, art and culture taking advantage of the alliances that are generated, which results in a program of high quality. This year will be the fourth Biennial. This time Scientific Vortex, together with different NGOs, foundations, and leaders of the Continent, will be part of the group of guests to the festival, which will take place the week of September 12 to 16, 2017.

We invite you to join and follow the participation of Scientific Vortex at the Biennial of the Americas.

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