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Contributions of Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán, Vortex CEO, and Guillermo Macías, vortex researcher, on th

"Cyber Networks, Criminal Networks, and Corruption"

From left: Beatriz Rodríguez Acosta; Vortex CEO, Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán; Vortex researcher, Guillermo Macías, and CICIG commissioner, Iván Velázquez

The International Congress: "Cyber Networks, Criminal Networks, and Corruption", was held from November 28th to the 30th, in Guatemala City. The main topics discussed were related to the structure of criminal networks, especially those focused on corruption, how these groups use IT resources to execute their criminal operations, and the cyber-offenses that are still undefined by the Guatemalan Penal Code.

At the Congress, Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán presented the lecture Macro Redes de Corrupción (Macro Networks of Corruption): "Glimpsing the complete structure of a criminal network, both dark, gray and bright agents, allows to identify the key agents and the level of responsibility of all members of the network."

Guillermo Macías, Vortex researcher, presented his lecture "Cyber Networks": "The interpretation of criminal offenses must adapt to the current circumstances of society, such as the use of IT resources to commit illicit acts".

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