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Our CEO, Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán and Guillermo Macías, Vortex researcher, lecturers at the internati

From November 20 to 23, was held the international conference: "Rebuilding War Societies: Iraq After ISIS ", in conjunction with the Annual Symposium 2017 of the Iraqi-German Academic Cooperation Network, organised by University of Basrah, Center for Iraq Studies and the Felsberg Institute, in Basrah, Iraq.

Our CEO, Eduardo Salcedo-Albarán and one of our researchers, Guillermo Macías, were part of the small number of guests from the Americas.

Eduardo Salcedo- Albarán participated as speaker of the conference with the lecture “Justiciability of Corruption in Transnational Justice”, where he discusses the experience of Colombia during jurisdiction known as “Justice and Peace”. The aim of the lecture is to demonstrate how the implementation of Transitional Justi-ce’s mechanisms, without considering corruption and implementing technical capacities to identify structures of corruption, are insufficient to reveal the depth of the damage caused by perpetrator.

Guillermo Macías, Vortex Researcher also presented the lecture “A Lack of Justice: Transnational Justice, Corruption and Impunity”, where he discusses the link between weak Transitional Justice processes and Grand Corruption in Guatemala and Democratic Republic of Congo, drawing special attention to the genesis of high-profile corruption cases in those countries.

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