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"Macro-corruption and the Lava-Jato Case: A Criminal Networks Analysis" Luis Jorge Garay-S

Social Network Analysis (SNA) has become an approach that facilitates organizing, systematizing, analyzing and visualizing criminal structures. The set of methodologies and protocols sustained on SNA, referred herein as Criminal Networks Analysis (CNA) provides an accurate and succinct way to analyze information about facts and social dynamics between both individuals and groups. It has stood out for being a fundamental tool in developing strategies for dismantling networks, especially in extensive cases that are difficult to visualize, such as those corruption schemes in which it is necessary to understand actions and interactions between full-time criminals and gray agents.[1] This article defines and describes some strategies used to analyze the criminal structure known as “Lava Jato”, a transnational macro-corruption network. Likewise, the main results of this analysis are also discussed.

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