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Andrea Kuszewski at KUOW.ORG, discussing about “Creative Disobedience”

Creative Disobedience In The Classroom

Ross Reynolds

07/11/2011 at 12:20 p.m. ShareThis

Andrea Kuszewski thinks the US education system is not doing enough to foster creative thinking. She says teachers should be encouraging creative disobedience. Can creativity be taught? Do we really need more disobedience in the classroom? What's your experience as a teacher, student or parent?


Andrea Kuszewski blogs about cognitive neuroscience and psychology at The Rogue Neuron. She is a researcher at the VORTEX Research Institute, and she blogs for Scientific American.

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  1. •Andrea Kuszewski's Blog, The Rogue Neuron

  2. •'The Educational Value Of Creative Disobedience,' Scientific American

  3. •VORTEX

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