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Andrea Kuszewski, manager and researcher at Vortex, announced in the Speaker Lineup for GSummit 2013

Join us GSummit 2013 (SF, 4/16-18) for 3 days of workshops, sessions, panels and networking dedicated to understanding how to drive behaviour in consumers, employees and stakeholders. Top experts in the fields of gamification, loyalty, CRM, enterprise, human resources and training converge at this one-of-a-kind event to share best practices, starling insights and the science of behavior in a unique, engaging and jam-packed format.

The Science of Engagement: What You Need to Know

To build engagement, you need yo understand the latest science behind this emerging an fast-moving industry. From neuroscience to motivation and rewars, expert Andrea Kuszewski pulls together the most important developments that every gamification designer should know – all in the fast paced, exciting and non technical discussion.


Andrea Kuszewski

VORTEX Research Group Researcher and Manager San Francisco, CA

Andrea, an Affiliate Scholar of the IEET, is a Senior Strategist at The Linus Group, a marketing and branding firm that specializes in marketing to scientists. She began her career as a Behavior Therapist, treating children on the Autism spectrum, specializing in Aspergers Syndrome, as well as those with exceptional abilities. She also works as a researcher with VORTEX Research Group, investigating the neuro-cognitive factors behind human behavior; this includes topics such as creativity, intelligence, sociopathy, and x-altruism, as well as the science of learning. She has published papers on the neuroscience of creativity, intelligence, and the analysis of illegal behavior and the creative rule-breaking process. As well as being a researcher of creativity, she is herself a fine artist and has been trained in various visual communication medium, ranging from traditional drawing to digital painting, graphic design, and 3D modeling and animation for the medical and behavioral sciences. She recently joined Syntience, an AI startup in the Bay Area, as a Robopsychologist, working on technology to model human intuition and creative cognition in machines, called Artificial Intuition. Andrea is also a popular and widely published science writer and a science communication activist. Her blog, The Rogue Neuron, addresses a variety of current science topics, but is mainly focused on cognitive neuroscience, psychology, autism, and education. Follow Andrea on Twitter @AndreaKuszewski

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