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Our findings on "Lava Jato" macro-corruption network

This document is a short description of the main strategies used by the criminal scheme of "Lava Jato" to launder money. Some of those strategies can be grouped in: simulation of contracts and loans, transnational transferences of money, cash payments, currency exchange "dollar cape", and the official and unofficial funding of political campaings and parties.

This brief document explores how the cartelized companies under the name of the "The Clube" manipulated the public contracting procedures and bribed high ranking functionaries and politicians, to keep active their criminal operations.

This document has five sections. The first part is this introduction; the second is a description of the methodology and the concepts related to Social Network Analysis and additional protocols of analysis, which is the methodological approach herein applied; the third is a brief presentation of the criminal structure referenced here as "Lava Jato Criminal Network”, as well as the sources gathered and processed to model the structure; the fourth is an analysis of the characteristics of the criminal structure, which includes a description of the types of nodes/agents, the types of interactions established, and the nodes/agents concentrating direct interactions and the capacit to arbitrate resources across the network; and the fifth part includes conclusions related to the characteristics of the analyzed network

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